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CALB, a vanguard of global innovation in new energy technology, is dedicated to pioneering the future of energy value creation. We aim to build a comprehensive energy operation system, to deliver comprehensive product solutions and extensive lifecycle management for sectors including power generation and energy storage.


CALB has a continuous leading technological innovation capability. Based on the research platforms including the nationally recognized enterprise technology center and post-doctoral research workstation, we have been making continuous efforts in material technology innovation, structure technology innovation, manufacturing technology innovation, and eco-healthy development innovation to build a new energy technology innovation platform with global influence. CALB continuously unveils cutting edge products to fully cater to the market and empower our clients, and realize win-win cooperation with ecological partners.


We are dynamically expanding our industrial footprint across the globe, in strategic locales such as China (Changzhou, Xiamen, Chengdu, Wuhan, Hefei, Jiangmen, Meishan), Europe (Portugal), and Southeast Asia (Thailand), swiftly erecting state of the art, sustainable, and intelligent benchmark industrial complexes. And we are committed to being a global leading enterprise with large-scale intelligent manufacturing capabilities!


With the vison of "achieving greatness through win-win cooperation, and benefiting mankind for a better world", CALB is devoted to leading innovation and technology in the field of new energy. We will continuous to develop the healthy ecology of the new energy industry, and work towards the achievement of the "Dual Carbon Strategy" and the new energy vehicle strategy, and fulfil our responsibility for energy security and the sustainable development


With the mission of "continuous innovation for the benefit of mankind", CALB adheres to the strategy of innovation-driven development, relentlessly innovating in the material system, system structure, intelligent manufacturing and ecological development, to keep the product force advanced, to create a great enterprise and to achieve a noble cause! The company will make unremitting efforts to support the healthy and rapid development of global new energy industry, to realize China's promise for the "peak carbon dioxide emission and carbon neutral", and to build a better future for the world.


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