CALB Holds 2019 Annual Summary and Commendation Meeting (Luoyang Company)

CALB Holds 2019 Annual Summary and Commendation Meeting (Luoyang Company)

(Summary description)

CALB Holds 2019 Annual Summary and Commendation Meeting (Luoyang Company)

(Summary description)


At 14:30 on January 7th, the 2019 annual summary commendation conference (Luoyang Company) of CALB was grandly opened in studio 1 of Luoyang Broadcasting and TELEVISION Station. More than 1,000 people attended the conference, including leaders of Luoyang municipal government, partners of financial institutions, management of the company, heads of all departments, representatives of some employees and their families.

2019 is a year full of challenges and gains. This year, in the face of the severe market situation, we achieved a historic breakthrough in business performance and leapfrog development of the company; In this year, we took the down-to-earth spirit "reality" as the foundation and made passionate efforts, successfully realized strategic transformation and took off against the trend, and jointly created the extraordinary 2019 CALB.

Liu Jingyu, chairman and Party secretary of the Company, takes a look back at 2019 and 2020. Looking back at 2019, we have achieved a leading position in product differentiation, successfully expanded the passenger car market, dramatically increased capacity utilization rate, doubled annual revenue and achieved brilliant achievements. Behind these achievements, is all the hard work of CALB people, is all the family behind the silent support, let us together to these strivers and their families to express the most sincere thanks!

Looking ahead to 2020, let's create a new legend with proactive responsibility, correct perception and excellent ability.

In 2020, let's continue to took the “down to earth spirit” as the foundation and “speed” as the key, run out of leading acceleration.

In 2020, we will make great achievements together, create great companies together, make contributions to the blue sky and clear water, make contributions to the society and make contributions to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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