◇ High specific energy chemical system design, the energy density of the cell reaches 300Wh/kg.

◇ Long life electrode and electrolyte design technology, normal temperature cycle life is more than 8,000 times.

◇ The particle size optimization technology of anode and cathode active materials, lowimpedance pole piece design technology, high power electrolyte technology, and high power.conduction structure technology are adopted, and the charge-discharge ratio is as high as 30C.

◇ Active safety and passive safety protection measures are adopted in the cell. The cell has passed a number of abuse tests and has strong environmental adaptability.

◇ Based on the electromechanical thermal simulation technology at the level of material-coremodule, a perfect product reliability model is established and the product reliability evaluation is realized.

◇ Cascade utilization and recovery technology for deep utilization of product value. 


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